How to Build a Locket

New to Origami Owl? Learn how to build a locket in just a few steps!

If you’ve never designed a locket before, don’t worry, it’s super easy and fun.  Just follow the steps!


Our charms are the heart of every Origami Owl Living Locket. Pick charms that best represent you.  From family, to faith, to my favorite food, pick out charms that tell your story. My very first locket had a wedding ring (for my husband Eric), 3 birthstones (my 3 boys), flip flops (I live in Southern California so I’m always in flip flops!) and a wine glass (I have 3 boys!)

If the locket is a gift, pick out charms that represent your recipient and things you may have in common, like travel charms, sports, coffee dates with your bestie!

Ready to tell your story?  Start picking your charms HERE!


Lockets date back to the 18th Century and were typically used for photos or other small items like a lock of hair. Our Stainless Steel Lockets are a modern twist on a timeless keepsake, available in a range of colors, shapes and sizes. Our Living Lockets open with either a twist or a magnetic hinge, so you can change your charms to suit your mood.

Our Petite Lockets are our smallest, perfect for a dainty look!  Our Large Lockets are our most popular and can usually fit 7-10 of your favorite charms!

Check out our full selection of Lockets HERE!



Our chains come in a variety of lengths, styles and colors, to match your Living Locket or   pendant!  Our chains are typically made of brass and plated in either Silver, Gold, Rose Gold or Black.  Our lightweight chains are fashionable and affordable enough to switch out every season!

Almost every chain comes in an adjustable length, so you’re sure to find a chain that suits your style!

Pick out your chain HERE!


Take your custom creation one step further and add a personalized plate to your Living Locket.  Add your children’s name, your monogram, or a special date.  Your only limit it is your creativity.  Each In{script}ions plate is custom inscribed in our home office in Arizona and the price includes your inscription.

 In{script}ions plates are available for both Medium and Large Living Lockets and come in a wide range of colors and fonts!

Customize your plate HERE!


Complete your creation by adding a pair of matching earrings, a coordinating bracelet or layer with a beautiful dainty necklace.  The combinations are endless.  Our customizable jewelry coordinates perfectly with other pieces in our collection.  There’s truly something for everyone and every budget at Origami Owl!

Accessorize your new Living Locket creation HERE!